Starting 2017 Off Right

Hello and Happy New Year!

First of all, I apologize for the radio silence. This post was intended to go up a week or so ago, but I was having some technical difficulties. In any case, it’s here now and as they say, better late than never, right?

I feel as though I only hear about people expressing relief at the fact that 2016 is over, but I have to be honest, 2016 was a pretty good year for me personally! Amongst other things, I got a permanent teaching job and married my best friend. All in all, a fabulous year that I definitely look fondly back on.

With that being said, I do look forward to 2017. There is something funny about the start of a new calendar year that forces us to reflect on the past while at the same time considering the future. I am not big into New Year’s resolutions, but I do often like to reflect and think about ways I might be able to make positive changes to my life in some way. So here you have it, my resolutions for 2017.

Spend more time with family. 

My husband and I are lucky enough to live in the same city as our immediate families and in his case, many of his relatives as well. While we do see our families fairly regularly, I would like to make an effort to spend even more time with them, and particularly host people at our home more often.

Spend time being creative and doing things I enjoy.

This might sound silly, but lately, more often than not, I find myself spending my free time using technology in some shape or form whether it’s on my phone, my laptop or watching Netflix. I really want to make an effort to spend more of my time actually ‘doing’ things that I really enjoy whether that is baking, taking photographs or completing some DIY project for our house.

Actively work to finish furnishing and decorating our home.

We have been in our house almost a year and a half and I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that in some rooms, it looks like we could have moved in last week. On the one hand, furnishing a house is a very expensive endeavour (!!!), but on the other, I think things just get pushed to the side, doors get closed, and people are none the wiser. My goal for this year is to move beyond just looking to Pinterest for inspiration, but to actually take those ideas and put them into action. I am excited to share our progress along the way!

I hope you’ll come along for the ride. I’d love to hear your new year’s resolutions as well.

Here’s to a fabulous 2017!

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