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Happy Sunday!

A project that’s been in the works for a long time is updating our home office. As soon as we moved into our home, almost a year and a half ago, we knew we wanted to turn the fourth bedroom into a home office. It is on a different floor than the rest of the bedrooms, so it just made sense to us. Also, we are both teachers, so it will be nice to have a dedicated space to work at home.

I’ve had a vision of how I’d like the office to come together all along, but admittedly, it has taken some time to complete. Lucky for me, my husband is very handy and has been doing most of the work himself, with some help from his family. He did lots of work on the office during our time off for Christmas break, and we are closer than ever to finishing the room. I can’t wait to see it when it’s complete!

I, on the other hand, am not so handy, so my jobs have mostly been design and painting. Hey, someone’s got to do it! Until recently, I just had the vision of how I wanted the room to look in my head. I decided that I should create a vision board, so we can start looking for pieces to add once all the work has been done. As I always do, I visited Pinterest first to find images that reflected what my vision was, to help me create a solid plan. Below are a few of the images I found and have used as inspiration.

image via Studio McGee

image via Emily Henderson

image via Studio McGee

Some of the items in the vision board below are exactly what we plan to use, like the paint colour (which is already on the walls), and the Ikea bookshelves and extensions (which have also already been built and installed). Some of the other items are either pieces that I have my eye on, or ones that I will use for inspiration in my shopping. For instance, I know that I want to include a more traditional rug that is mostly red based with some hints of blue. More recently I have been obsessed with finding the perfect vintage rug. The search continues!

I love the idea of having a leather desk chair because I think it will add warmth and sophistication to the room, and will contrast well with the paint colour. I really love this West Elm one that I may just have to purchase the next time they have a good sale. I also really like this one, which is slightly more affordable. The desk in the image is from World Market, and while I love it, I think I am going to try to find an antique desk at a local store. There are some great local antique shops in Ottawa and surrounding areas and I think I might have some luck. We recently picked up an antique ladder to put in the office from Tin Barn Market, and I am in love with it!

Last but certainly not least is that lamp. This exact one is the Goodman Table Lamp from the shop at Studio McGee and it is perfect in every way. I am currently on the hunt for a similar but more affordable option. Until I find one, I’ll continue gazing lovingly at this one.

Without further ago, my vision for our home office. Do you currently have any home updates in progress? I’d love to hear about them!



Ikea Billy bookcase & extension | West Elm leather chair | World Market campaign desk

Studio McGee lamp | Anthropologie hook | He Said, She Said desk plate | Rifle Paper Co. notepad

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