Guest Room Design Inspiration

guest room design

I’m here today to provide you with a little bit of eye candy in the form of some photos that have been providing some serious inspiration for our guest room. I am loving all the crisp white bedding, neutral colours and in particular, the patterned pillows.

You see, we have been in our house for just over a year and a half and have made some good progress on the main floor but have neglected much of the upstairs. I think that is both the blessing and the curse of split-level and two-storey homes; doors can be closed and no one will ever be the wiser!

Well, let’s just say I got sick of closing those doors and looking at the, quite frankly, terrible colours we had on our walls and decided that enough is enough. And so began #operationnocloseddoors.

We’ve spent the better part of this weekend priming and then painting the room. Next up will be adding the new baseboards and window frame. Even after just one coat of paint, I can’t get over how different (and much better) it looks!

guest room design

As for furniture, we purchased some of it, and had some already but I am still on the hunt for things like pillows and other decor. Right now I am leaning towards some beautiful pillows from none other than Caitlin Wilson. We got a great deal on a new mattress from The Bay during their recent Bay Days sale and purchased this bed that reminds me of the beautiful iron bed frame I keep pinning, but is significantly more affordable and available to pick up, instead of ordering online.

I’ll be sure to show some photos of the actual room (including some before photos as well). For now, enjoy these photos of beautiful, cozy and inviting rooms that are inspiring me in designing our own.

Now, who’s coming to stay once it’s done?

guest room design

Inspiration photos: Caitlin Wilson & Studio McGee

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Toast & Tea At Home: Home Office Lighting

We have been slowly but surely working on finishing our home office. If you have completed any home updates, you know how it goes, but it always seems like just when we think we are close to finishing a particular job, we run into some little issue that needs to be addressed. Little issues have a great way of taking (what feels like) an eternity to be resolved. Nonetheless, I am here today to talk about something very exciting: lighting!

As this is our first home, this is the first time that I have been able to decide exactly what kind of lighting I want and where. I really think that lighting makes such a difference in the overall feel of a room, so I have had fun scouring the internet and local stores to find the perfect lighting.

Typically, I am not someone who goes into one store, sees a nice light fixture, and makes a purchase right away. Finding the perfect light fixture (or piece of furniture, for that matter) entails many hours of browsing Pinterest, looking at any online light sources I can find, and searching in local stores. Especially when it comes to making bigger purchases that I hope we’ll be happy with for years to come, I like to be sure!

I recently shared our design plans for our home office, but at that time, hadn’t quite decided about lighting. Since then, I think we have a better idea of what we are looking for. We are still trying to decide between a flush mount, semi-flush mount or a pendant, but otherwise there definitely seems to be a theme going on with all the brass and small black accents. I’d love to hear which ones you like best!

The following are options we are considering. Currently, I think we have it narrowed down a bit more, but that can sometimes change on a daily basis. I swear, I’m not crazy, but don’t ask my husband.


flush mount & semi-flush mount lighting for office

Flush & semi-flush mount lighting

01. AllModern semi-flush mount | 02. Shades of Light prism ceiling light | 03. Circa Lighting basil flush mount | 04. Schoolhouse Electric semi-flush mount | 05. Rejuvenation semi-flush mount | 06. Circa Lighting sophia flush mount | 07. Rejuvenation cedar & moss flush mount | 08. Pottery Barn classic schoolhouse flush mount | 09. Circa Lighting siena flush mount

pendant lighting for office

Pendant lighting

01. Circa Lighting hicks pendant | 02. Schoolhouse Electric royce pendant | 03. Rejuvenation eastmoreland pendant | 04. Rejuvenation cedar & moss pendant | 05. Serena & Lily scalloped chandelier 06. Rejuvenation cedar & moss pendant | 07. Schoolhouse Electric fuller pendant | 08. Circa Lighting moravian star pendant

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Home Office Design Inspiration

Happy Sunday!

A project that’s been in the works for a long time is updating our home office. As soon as we moved into our home, almost a year and a half ago, we knew we wanted to turn the fourth bedroom into a home office. It is on a different floor than the rest of the bedrooms, so it just made sense to us. Also, we are both teachers, so it will be nice to have a dedicated space to work at home.

I’ve had a vision of how I’d like the office to come together all along, but admittedly, it has taken some time to complete. Lucky for me, my husband is very handy and has been doing most of the work himself, with some help from his family. He did lots of work on the office during our time off for Christmas break, and we are closer than ever to finishing the room. I can’t wait to see it when it’s complete!

I, on the other hand, am not so handy, so my jobs have mostly been design and painting. Hey, someone’s got to do it! Until recently, I just had the vision of how I wanted the room to look in my head. I decided that I should create a vision board, so we can start looking for pieces to add once all the work has been done. As I always do, I visited Pinterest first to find images that reflected what my vision was, to help me create a solid plan. Below are a few of the images I found and have used as inspiration.

image via Studio McGee

image via Emily Henderson

image via Studio McGee

Some of the items in the vision board below are exactly what we plan to use, like the paint colour (which is already on the walls), and the Ikea bookshelves and extensions (which have also already been built and installed). Some of the other items are either pieces that I have my eye on, or ones that I will use for inspiration in my shopping. For instance, I know that I want to include a more traditional rug that is mostly red based with some hints of blue. More recently I have been obsessed with finding the perfect vintage rug. The search continues!

I love the idea of having a leather desk chair because I think it will add warmth and sophistication to the room, and will contrast well with the paint colour. I really love this West Elm one that I may just have to purchase the next time they have a good sale. I also really like this one, which is slightly more affordable. The desk in the image is from World Market, and while I love it, I think I am going to try to find an antique desk at a local store. There are some great local antique shops in Ottawa and surrounding areas and I think I might have some luck. We recently picked up an antique ladder to put in the office from Tin Barn Market, and I am in love with it!

Last but certainly not least is that lamp. This exact one is the Goodman Table Lamp from the shop at Studio McGee and it is perfect in every way. I am currently on the hunt for a similar but more affordable option. Until I find one, I’ll continue gazing lovingly at this one.

Without further ago, my vision for our home office. Do you currently have any home updates in progress? I’d love to hear about them!



Ikea Billy bookcase & extension | West Elm leather chair | World Market campaign desk

Studio McGee lamp | Anthropologie hook | He Said, She Said desk plate | Rifle Paper Co. notepad

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